Welcome to Parpalandia! You are safe with us! We care about the safety and health of both our customers and our employees. That’s why we have adopted coronavirus safety rules. First of all, we enhanced cleaning and disinfecting.  Equipment is cleaned after every use. Disinfectants are available in many places for your use. We also offer free disposable masks for our customers.

In Parplandia you can experience the real Lapland. It is located 60 km from the Rovaniemi airport and surrounded by unspoiled Arctic nature. Parpalandia is a great place to relax, enjoy unique activities, and experience the local culture as well as typical Lappish food. Our activities and experiences are suitable for travelers of all ages. Everyone is welcome!


Holders of a valid ESNcard will receive a 30-40% discount on Parpalandia's "Husky sledding on wheels in autumn" activity as follows: 4-6 person group 100 € / person, 7-11 person groups 90 € / person & 12-16 person group 80 € / person.

In addition, ESNcard holders receive 2-night cottage accommodation for a maximum of 20 people for € 400, on top of which an outdoor sauna and a hot tub for € 200, an autumn husky ride for € 40 per person and trips to and from Rovaniemi € 20 per person.