Hi my name is Oliver. I am Snowy owl from Ranua Zoo. In 2013 when I was one year old when ESN Lapland adopted me to Rovaniemi. In Rovaniemi I met lot of international students around a world. It was amazing to see different cultures here in Lapland. I got also many friends during these years.

End of December 2017 I got letter from Brno Univesity and they finally accepted me  to study in Brno. It was time to flight to Chech Republic. I spent new year in Prague and beginning of the January I went to Brno. Where I did my first lovely exchange.

March 2018 I traveled to Costa Brava from Brno where was biggest ESN meeting on that year. It was wonderful place and I learn many things about ESN and I met many different mascots. After this trip I went back to Rovaniemi. When I arrived  to Rovaniemi there was about -20 degrees and I was back at home ❤ In summer I was spenting holiday in Somero where I was relaxing and enjoying this abnormal weather. It was hottest summer in Finland what remember. Also I knit new clothes to me what I need on next semester here. 

Year 2019 was pretty cold so my favourite place during that year was sauna. I went to almost every day to sauna. I spent summer time on Southern Finland, because here in lapland weather was too cold.