Welcome to Lapland!

On Tuesday, 8.1, our new exchange students for the Spring semseter of 2019 started their orientation week, with loads of new information coming ahead.

On Wednesday, 9.1, our ESN Lapland president, Minh with two board members, Jenna and Joonas were present to give a short introduction about ESN in general and ESN Lapland in specific. We gave them a brief of who we are, what we do and the future events/trips that we are going to organize for the exchange students this semseter. 

There were approximately  - 60 exchange students attending (from both Lapland UAS and ULapland), which were less than last semester. However, more students are coming in February so we can expect to have more great people joining us later on. We also organized a sale for ESN cards and overalls right after their orientation day at 15.30 the same day, which went very well as expected. 

This Friday, 11.1, we are going to have our welcoming party at Wiljami and afterparty at Halfmoon, to celebrate the coming of new exchange students. We also warmly welcome last semester's exchange students, who continue their study with us in here to the party. We can already tell that this party is going to be super festive and amazing. Moreover, this is the very first party that we are going to have with Halfmoon, so more even to celebrate. If you happen to be around Rovaniemi during Friday, come join us!

Welcoming party: 18 - 22 (Wiljami)

Afterparty: 22 - 04 (Halfmoon nightclub)