On 4.12, our ESN Lapland's members elected the new board members for the mandate year of 2020 - 2021.

On 9.1, ESN Lapland has arranged a knowledge transfer meeting. Ekaterina Pikelner, vice-president of ESN Finland, has attended via Skype to share more details to the new board about ESN in general and ESN Finland in specific. Our new board members have obtained much new knowledge about ESN and got more familiar with ESN.

The first meeting of ESN Lapland 2020-2021 started immediately, and the board has chosen their own positions, accordingly to their wishes and interests. And they are:

President: Hanna Palosuo
Vice President: Neea Pääkkönen
Secretary: Tomas Caraveo
Treasurer & Local Representative: Inga Tarlap
Event Coordinators & Project Coordinators: Jesse Räsänen & Miia Roininen
Trip Coordinator: Henna Hirvonen
Communication Manager: Minh Nguyen


After positioning the board members, we discussed about future events and set the ground rules in order to make ESN Lapland's board to well-function.