On 13.1, ESN Lapland has arranged a knowledge transfer meeting, where Anna Sandt, vice-president of ESN Finland, has come to shared more details to the new board about ESN in general and ESN Finland in specific. Our new board members have learned so many new things about ESN, which will be very useful information for the future. Also, the old board of ESN was also present to share about their experience when they were working under ESN Lapland.

The first meeting of ESN Lapland 2019-2020 started immediately, and the board has chosen their own positions, accordingly to their wishes and interests. And they are:

President: Minh Nguyen
Vice President and Local Representative: Jenna Kasvi
Secretary: Krista Perälä
Treasurer: Eetu Erkkilä
Project Coordinator: Inga Metsola
Event Coordinators: Joonas Pitkänen and Elli Tuovinen
Trip Coordinator: Niko Vuokila
Communication Manager: Jouni Kärkkäinen


After positioning the board members, we discussed about future events and how to make ESN Lapland even greater, especially as this year, we have more members than every other year.


One surprise came in the way, when the President of ESN Milano Statale came to greet us. It was such a great meeting, as we are the northernmost section in Finland, and to receive a visit from ESN member from the South of Europe was such a thrill for all of us. Thank you Stefano for coming and meeting us!