Erasmus Student Network and Tomorrowland have teamed up to offer special ticket sales to international students with pre-sale tickets. ESN people from all over the world are now having the opportunity to get united at the biggest music event in Europe, with this amazing offer. Are you ready to be blown away?

ESN cardholders can participate in the special sale from 25.01.2019, 17.00 CET to 30.01.2019, 17.00 CET and you can buy two tickets. Make sure you follow the steps below:

How to get your tickets?

1. Get your ESN card (you can contact ESN Lapland to get your very own ESN card)

2. Register at

3. Create your Tomorrowland Erasmus account

4. Buy your ticket

5. Bring your ESN card to the event

Prices for pre-sales:

Full Madness Pass: 249e

Magnificent Greens Package: 321e

Magnificent Greens 1P tent Package: 422e

Magnificent Greens 2P tent Package: 795e

(11, 50e ship in Belgium / 18, 50e ship in Europe / 27e ship worldwide)

More information can be found from

Are we going to see you in Belgium this year with Tomorrowland?