Sitsit is back! This time with a French theme which we can thank CampusFrance and the French institute of Finland for!

Sitsit is a Nordic academic dinner party, where you sing drinking songs, socialize, eat, drink. But be aware, not everything is allowed.. if you don’t follow the rules, well you will see! So remember to listen the toastmasters carefully!
Remember to eat well before arriving as food plays only a minor part of the sitsit. We recommend you to bring your own extra drinks, with or without alcohol, since only a couple are included.
This event is for everybody, we have 40 spots for international students and 10 spots for Finnish students. So be fast if you wish to ensure your spot for this French evening!

TICKETS: 15€ without ESN-card & 13€ with ESN-card
Ticket price includes some food, drinks (3x beer/cider/non-alcoholic option & 2 shots) a patch and an after party ticket to Half Moon night club.

Sign up starts on 17th of November at 12:00.
You have to register to to buy a ticket

Sign ups are binding, so you are obligated to pay the sitsit even if you cannot attend.
DRESS CODE: overalls / France. This is a perfect chance to wear your overalls with a French twist!

WHAT?: French Sitsit by ESN Lapland
WHEN?: Wednesday 1.12 at 18:00 - 22:00
WHERE?: Wiljami, (Urheilukatu 1, Rovaniemi)
NOTE! We expect to meet you AT LATEST t at 17:45 in Wiljami. Don’t be late!

ESN Lapland organises events during the fall semester with great consideration. We will pay special attention to the safety of the events. Safety measures for each event will be planned individually. When attending an ESN Lapland event please take into consideration good hygiene, safe distances and other virus preventing measures.
It is not allowed to attend an event with any symptoms of the virus or if in quarantine. We do not recommend for people in risk groups or people in close contact with risk groups to attend events.
Attending ESN Lapland's events is done at one’s own risk

01/12/2021 - 18:00
Wiljami 1
96100 Rovaniemi
13 With ESN-card / 15 Without ESN-card
  • Everyone is invited.