Cafe & Bar 21 is a modern cafè, restaurant and a cocktail bar located in Rovaniemi, Finland. 21 was opened on the 21st of May 2012 and is situated right in the centrum of Rovaniemi, on Rovakatu 21, the address being the origin of the name Cafe & Bar 21.

The owner of Cafe & Bar 21 wanted to create a restaurant where quality cocktails and unique food meet, also an atmosphere where you can be you and enjoy has been our aim since the beginning.

The cocktails are a mixture of old classics and modern experimental drink, which gets inspired by our beautiful nature at the Arctic Circle. All of the berries are from the forests of Lapland and they are purely fresh and pure ingredients. From Tuesday to Saturday there is a professional mixologist behind our bar.  

There are more to discover in this amazingly dynamic restaurant in town. By showing ESN card, you will get 10% discount. So, what are you waiting for?